Water & Health

Polluted water isn’t just dirty—it’s deadly. Some 1.8 million people die every year of diarrheal diseases like cholera. Tens of millions of others are seriously sickened by a host of water-related ailments—many of which are easily preventable. Water can be contaminated by bacteria, coliforms, E.Coli, nitrates, etc and these colorless, odorless and tasteless to identify.

                                                     What we can do is “SELECT YOUR DRINKING WATER WISELY”

Sayhan provides fresh, pure and refreshing drinking water and makes it available to you at your disposal. Our low sodium content reduce your dehydration and alkalinity helps to lose weight, improve nails, hair and skin. Drinking more clean water helps you to fight infection, prevents arthritis, reduce risk of cancer, prevent constipation, boost energy.