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 Sayhan Water

We, Sayhan water, take the privilege to introduce
ourselves as the leading suppliers of Premium Quality Drinking water in State
of Qatar.
Currently, we are catering the requirements of majority of the
Government and private organizations in Qatar viz.  Government offices, Hospitals, Banks, Hotels,
Schools, Homes Etc… 


We have a strong distribution network which covers all part of Qatar. ur modern distribution system ensures that once you have placed your order, your regular supply of water is guaranteed.

Coupon System

Our coupon system provides you better service and convenience for payment. With the help of our coupon system we can deliver Sayhan Water at your doorstep even in your absence.

Water Dispenser

We offer you wide range of Hot&Cold Water Dispensers, Table Top Water Dispensers and variety of Dispensing accessories.


The Right Balance..

water hydrates and helps replenish lost nutrients. Sayhan Water balanced mineral composition revitalizes and nourishes your body,so you lead a healthy and purposeful life style.

In addition to many health benifits,the right balance of essential minerals gives Sayhan Water a unique soft and smooth taste.

  • PH 7.4
  • Sodium 4
  • Calcium 11.87
  • Magnesium 5.6
  • Potassium 3
  • Chlorine 27
  • Sulphate 22
  • Total Dissolved Solids 110
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Health Benefits

Health benefits of drinking water

There are plenty of health benefits of drinking water, Drinking water makes people feel good. Start your day with a glass of fresh drinking water, It is the best way to start a day. Drink at least 8-10 Glasses of water per day. It is well balanced way.

Water is life Drink Pure

Water is essential for life and drinking enough of it is crucial, especially in the warm Middle East climate. This is particularly the case for children, who are so active and always running around. They can easily become dehydrated, especially in summer, so keeping them well hydrated is very important. To replenish your family’s fluid levels, make sure to give everyone lots of water and enrich your meals with high-liquid-content foods.